Memorable Sign Board Design for Customers in 2020

Do you know an extraordinary marketing idea by sign board design can hike at least 35% of your regular sales? It can also increase brand awareness by around 45%. With updated technology creating attractive signboard is an easy feat. Yet one must have an eye for creative signages and also inculcate technology in them.

Here is what you can do to make your signages in Dubai more memorable in 2020.

Increase the size of the letters

Always remember that your key concern while designing signage is that it should be readable. When readability comes into play, the characters become the king. The letters used for creating the sign board design content should be large enough to be visible to all audiences, even from a distance and from various angles. For every 10 feet increase in the distance, the height of the letters should keep on increasing by a factor of 10.

People will not always come closer to read the signage, so it is you who has to reach out to the reader and amplifying character size is a great way to achieve this feat.


Choose your font carefully

The style of the characters has variable impacts on how far the signage is legible. As far as signages are concerned, you must go ahead with the bold, clear and spacious fonts. If you choose the font which is extremely cursive or flow, it might be difficult for many people to read. Also, clear typing fonts are easily readable from a distance, whereas the entangles ones hardly offer readability. It is also vital that you choose such fonts which allow for spaces within the characters. Clumsy typing fonts are a big no if you want to design great signage.


Give them wings (colors)

Apart from making the signage perfectly legible, you also need to add the component of attractiveness. After all, it is marketing and lucrativeness has a unique front foot in the marketing world. But choosing the color can be quite a tricky part.

In fact, there are many norms which you need to adhere by while choosing the signage colors – both background and character colors. Choose a color which is always in fashion and never gets old. You can come up with new ideas of course, but the whole logic is not to go by any colour which is trendy today and might go out of fashion the next day, only to leave you in the dilemma of redesigning your signage.

Color contrast is a present-day trend which is here to stay. The attractiveness it provides to fashion has been taken over by multiple signages in Dubai. However, the combination of background and character colors is crucial to enhance the readability quotient of the signage. For example, you can create contrast fonts over a comparatively dark background and then for a highlighting effect; you could go by thick solid borders. Color psychology is the leading methodology for the creation of signages in Dubai.

Showcase your logo

Signages are born with the idea of making your brand stand out. The logo is the accurate representation of your brand. The signage must have the key objective of marketing your brand as a whole through your digital souvenir representative – the logo. Make sure that the signage pays special importance to your logo, and in a way, it should flaunt the emblem. So whenever, the audience looks at the signage; they psychologically associate with your brand.

 Do not make it clumsy.

The idea is to put in as much information as possible about your brand into the signage, but not overcrowding it. The real signage art lies on the delicate balance of knowing what is sufficient and what is excess for your signage. The most popular brands which design signboard Dubai strictly follow this objective.

Finally, step back and have a final look for readability. Ask your friends if they find the signage attractive and memorable.

Use of right typeface also is a key to creating visible signages. Different typefaces have different readability effect.  Contact us, we provide you with the best creative signages and sign board design that are bound to turn heads and amplify your marketing game.







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