Digital Kiosk Signs

Digital Kiosk Signage could be one of the best business strategies to be used for attracting potential customers to a business. The latest technology substitutes a sales person providing high performance and reliability in the long run. Any video content could be seen with highest resolution and can be operated from anywhere. Our Interactive kiosks engage the audience with digital content and information through a user-friendly interface. It streamlines a number of processes right from retail sales to bill payment to information sharing.

Key features of our product include:

Stylish Design – The large size of the display supported by edge-to-edge design gives an overall stylish look to our product attracting more customers to interact with the device.

Interactive Touch screen – The fast and user friendly touch screen display allow the users to touch the display to make selections and thus interact effectively with the software.

Spill Resistance – Our Interactive Digital & Advertising Kiosks in Dubai are water resistant which makes it more secure against electrical short circuit.

USB/SD Card Plug and Play – The Interactive Digital Kiosks can continuously play a content which is copied from a USB stick and plugged into the Kiosk’s ports.

Tempered Glass – Without affecting the quality, viewing angles and touch screen effectiveness of the display, the tempered glass used provides protection from scratches and accidental breakage.

Integrated Wheels – Shifting of the device becomes so easy with the integrated wheels. Position it according to the need and then retract the wheels.

Security Lock – With the use of a special key unauthorized access is blocked. No unrecognized user could tamper with programming of the signage.

The best interactive digital kiosks at your door step

Our Interactive kiosks can increase efficiency by connecting to the internet. The customizable kiosks reach a larger audience through multi-language support, ADA compliance, VoIP capabilities, and more. User experience is also improved by facilitating interaction with information which makes the Interactive digital kiosks to connect and engage users. We at Ambert provide the best Digital Signage in Dubai. With our reliable and creatively designed Interactive kiosks one is able to educate the audience about their brand.

The leading kiosk manufacturers in Dubai. We specialize in designing and building high-quality, customized kiosks that cater to a wide range of industries and applications.

As one of the leading kiosk manufacturers in Dubai, we understand the importance of durability, security, and functionality. Our kiosks are built to withstand the demands of high-traffic environments, ensuring reliable performance and long-term usability.



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