Digital Signage – A Smarter Way to Communicate with your Customers

Signages have changed incredibly. The traditional banners and flex boards are all a thing of past. Today, digital signage is considered to be the best way to reach more people. Signage companies in Dubai, UAE, have taken the world of advertising a few notches higher with their innovative technology.

Broadly speaking, Signages Dubai can be categorized into 2 divisions.

One is the external signage and the other being the internal signs. The former, as we can assume by its name, is used in the open to let people know about the whereabouts.

On the other hand, internal signs are used inside a premise to accomplish multiple purposes. It is not just the sign that has the name of a shop in moving characters with a few LED lights. Gone are those days and today it is time when Digital signages for business are a crucial part of business architecture premises.




Let start with understanding a few Internal Signs Dubai

The wayfinding signs – The modern-day architecture consists of several floors. The offices are huge, and it is incredibly difficult to locate places without the wayfinding internal signs. These guide us to the next storey, utility space, various counters etc. Also, when we think of a hotel, these signs help to find our room, the lounge, and restaurant.

The directory – This is where a record of people at that space is maintained for the convenience of visitors. In hospitals, one can find a board filed with the name of all the doctors and their respective departments. This helps patients save a lot of time. In the same way, the names of flat residents are carved onto internal signs to help the visitors.

The mall internal signs- Think about visiting the mall for a cinema and missing the first half because you were unable to find the theatre. A shopping mall will easily become the maze where everyone is lost and never found without the internal signs. The internal signs lead us to the elevator, floor, washroom, theatre, food courts and all the exciting things available there.Now if you are wondering how the internal signs are going to help your small business which is neither a multiple storey building not the one with innumerable compartments, here is how to ace the game.

Put on an instant sale- A recent survey said that if a sale happens when the customer is inside the store, it is more likely that they have a look at it and buy a few stuff. So, going by that add a few discounts while the store is on a full rush and reap double profits.

Menu board for the restaurant- Big or small all restaurants can install a digital menu board where customers can easily place their orders. They will surely come back for more because of the seamless experience.

Update on rate changes- The global commodities such as gold, silver etc. see a rate change in a short time. It is vital to update that at the very instant to save the business from losses. Also, the customer should not feel cheated due to different rate scales.

Share a story and attract customers- Video wall is in. Share the story of your business through it and let the customers enjoy their stay. They will return to know more, and you will make a few bucks.Digital advertising can create a crafty solution to your everyday problems. Contact advertising companies in Dubai for various Digital signage’s that will attract your customers and bring them back again.






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