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Digital Signage is the modern way of advertising. It’s a form of displaying content by using LCD and LED screens. Advertising companies in Dubai have digitalized all of their clients and filled the place with unique colorful screens.

When it comes to digital signage, there are ample opportunities to modernize the technology. As in this era of digital vitalization, every day, new technology is invented for people to be awestruck.

If you also want customers to be astounded by your improvised digital signage, be equipped with the information of latest technology and ask your advertising companies in Dubai to incorporate the same for the digital signage.

Here are the latest trends in digital signage Dubai that can amp your advertising game.

Gather analytics


Digital signage will no longer remain just a medium of advertising. It will help the business to gather data regarding customers. Tap on the screen allows the manager to know what a customer is searching for in the store.


For example you might have seen a pod at cloth store that allows the customer to scroll through it and find his/her right size. This machine not only advertises the brand but also collects the customer’s data for future use.

Artificial Intelligence


A lot has been said about AI. It is capable of understanding the human mind like none other. Including this technology update into your digital signage will let you know the customers and create recommendations based on their likes.

The same pod that helps customers find their right size will recommend them with other clothes that fit into their likeable list. Someone who came in to buy one dress may leave with two of them.

Rich Presentation


With the addition of technology, it is evident that more colour schemes in enhanced picture quality will be available for display. Digital Signages are using the technology to create a richer presentation that is capable of attracting more attention than earlier.


The visual treat you provide to the customers will etch in their minds and make them return.


Personalization to next level


Customization is a tried and tested formula in all walks of life. If you can connect with a customer personally, he/she is more likely to come back. Today digital signage’s are  capable of personalizing your brand with the customers.

Gone are the days when every passerby saw the same sign. Advertising companies in Dubai are creating signs that allow each passerby to search for what he needs rather than trying to find a needle in husk.


Product Recognition

‘QR codes’ is a common word today. How about digital signage that scans the ‘QR code’ and explains you about the product, how to use it and many other things? This is a reality that will become the face of digital signage soon.

Including the product recognition technology in your store will allow your customers to know more about what they are purchasing and also create an unshakeable trust in the brand.







How about Video walls ?

Forget the boring walls that had static digital signage on it. It is the era of videos and scientist have also proven that the human brain catches videos better than pictures or text.

The video wall in your store continuously showing the latest updates or other catchy events can become the centre of attraction.


The 5G effect

Advertising companies in Dubai are close to including 5G wireless network connectivity in their digital signages. The imaginable speed will make the customers forget about buffering and concentrate on the fun and excitement of scrolling on the digital signage, Dubai.

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