ACM can be elaborated as Aluminum composite material that is used to protect the buildings from the forces of nature. It is used for both internal and external architectural cladding purposes. The ACM structure mainly consists of two aluminum panels attached to a non-aluminum core.

ACM is generously used in interiors too along with being an integral part of the exterior architecture. They are used for false ceilings, partitions, machine coverings, container construction and even signage.

Creating an ACM wall in your building can provide the following benefits-

Thermal resistance- The ACM panels maintain the temperature and ensure that your building doesn’t face the wrath of sun and

Insulation- Since there are two panels in the process, it creates insulation that protects the building from both heat and cold.

Added strength- Aluminum is a durable and robust material, hence adding it to the buildings will render the same properties there too.

Improve appearance– Creating a wall with ACM can improve the presence of the building due to its smooth finish. Moreover, it can also be coloured in various hues.

Ambert Technologies LLC. as a leading signage company in Dubai, also helps in creating aluminum walls along with the extraordinary signages. We use top-class materials for this so that it serves the purpose of its installation. Here is why using aluminum is the wisest choice.

Durable- Aluminum is corrosion-resistant and can withstand a torrential downpour or even high heat without fading; hence, you do not need to repaint or alter the cladding repeatedly.

Cost-effective- Aluminum is a cost-effective alternative to other materials. However, it being at a low price doesn’t hamper its efficiency.

Lightweight- The aluminum panels being lightweight is easier to transport and work with.

We provide ACM in various forms. Contact us for all your ACM cladding needs.





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