Stainless steel has a class of its own. Using this elegant metals in signboards can elevate the impact that it renders. Moreover, stainless steel is corrosion resistant and will withstand any natural calamity. It would be an added benefit if the stainless steel letters also turn out to be 3D. The 3D stainless steel letters used for 3D signage in Dubai are delivered with two kinds of finishes, i.e. the brush finish and the mirror finish.

Brush finish- This kind is also called a dull finish because it doesn’t have any reflection. It consists of unidirectional lines that are created with grit belt. The stainless steel letters look classy with a brushed finish.

Mirror finish- The stainless steel that is mirror finished is smooth and shiny on the surface. There is a significant reflection in the mirror finish 3D stainless steel letters.

We, as the team of professionals at Ambert Technologies LLC, a signboard company in Dubai, can create both the kind of letters. We also take care to deliver them with high-quality materials and the following features-


  • the high-quality material used that is either 304 grade or 316-grade stainless steel
  • Sizes are customizable according to the client’s requirement, be it the smallest or slimmest
  • the finest soldering is done
  • Our products are incredibly durable due to the quality


The 3d stainless steel letters created by us speak elegance and can be installed virtually anywhere. These blend in with any of the signboard, Dubai. Be it restaurant signage or a five-star hotel the 3D stainless steel letters prove equally beneficial for all the joints. These can be used vividly for both indoor and outdoor 3D signboards in Dubai.









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