This era is of dimensions. People are steering clear of the posters with LED digital signages. So it is necessary to pair these with complimentary letters. 3D solid acrylic letters are the most suitable to enhance the advertising niche of an enterprise. These three-dimensional works of art stand apart in the crowd and are more noticeable to the masses. The trend of 3D solid acrylic letters has been ruling for a while in the signboard industry, Dubai, and it is high time that every firm that aims for success do try it.

Ambert Technologies LLC. provides 3D signage in Dubai. We are adept in creating 3D solid acrylic letters in innumerable variations to suit the needs of our customer.


  • Creating a letter through us will have the following benefits-
  • Customized solid acrylic letters to each client
  • Available in variable units: single or however the client needs
  • Available in miscellaneous fonts; handwriting, serif or sans-serif
  • Low power consumption hence easy on bills
  • Need no maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Optimum illumination even in the sneakiest corner
  • High-quality materials used for the purpose

Ambert creates 3D solid acrylic letters for various 3D signboard in Dubai. We create 3D signage that can be illuminated from multiple angles. Be it front-lit, side-lit, back-lit or glow from two or more panels. The area of mounting, view and our customers wish are the base of our creations.


  • We can mount the letters on the following mediums according to the convenience and view.
  • 3d solid acrylic letter on a wall
  • On aluminium composite panel (ACP)
  • Letters with aluminium casing on the wall
  • Stencil cut LED letters in ACP
  • Letters with black vinyl on front
  • 3d solid acrylic letters with aluminium casing in front


Numerous other methods of mounting too are available will be conducted according to circumstances.







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